401k QDRO

Most QDROs are 401k QDROs. These QDROs are generally fairly easy to divide as the judge and the divorce decree state specifically how the QDRO will be split.

This split is typically a percentage of the QDRO or even the full amount of one. Any change in ownership of a 401k requires a QDRO to protect the Beneficiary and the Plan Holder from adverse tax consequences.

We generally charge a flat fee for this type of QDRO as it is fairly straight forward, and the amount of work is well known to us. In this way we keep our costs to you down.

However, many investment companies that administer QDROs (Fidelity being one of the largest) requires significant payments to be made to them in order to process a QDRO. Unfortunately, this is becoming more and more common. Sometimes, the cost of the processing of the QDRO may cost more than the cost of the QDRO itself. There is little we can do about this situation.