Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyer Free Consultation

We offer a free initial bankruptcy consultation over the phone or in-person.  This article will let you know what to expect from our Attorneys.

What To Expect

We will go over your income, your assets and your debts.  Our bankruptcy lawyers do not need to know the exact amounts or values of things, just the rough idea.  The next step is to determine if bankruptcy is right for you, and if so, which bankruptcy, either Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy or Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.  We will then discuss the process for your bankruptcy.


When we discuss your income, we will need to know the last 6 months of income and double it.  This is the number that the Bankruptcy Court uses to determine what type of bankruptcy you qualify for.  If you are under median income  then you can file for Chapter 7 or a less than 60 month term Chapter 13.


Your assets are an important portion of your bankruptcy.  In Chapter 7, they will liquidate any non-exempt assets.  In Chapter 13 any non-exempt assets will be used to determine, in part, your Chapter 13 payment.  We will also discuss the appropriate way to dispose of non-exempt assets, if necessary.


Finally, we will discuss your debts.  The amounts are, typically, not important (except with high debt Chapter 13s).  However, if you have a good idea of your creditor count, we will discuss that as it affects our pricing.  We will also look at whether the debts are secured, unsecured and/or priority debts.  While all but some specific debts are dischargeable, some debts are treated differently, and we need to go over how that will work in your bankruptcy.


Finally, we will discuss the process and the timeline for bankruptcy.