The Bankruptcy Petition

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The first eight or so pages of the bankruptcy paperwork is called the petition.  The petition is all you technically need to file in order to declare bankruptcy.  The information that you need is pretty basic.  It requires that you know your name, which bankruptcy you are planning on filing, your address and your social […]

DIY Bankruptcy

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I grew up on a farm.  It was normal for us to do everything ourselves.  I can’t think of a single thing my father hired someone else to do.  This includes things like plumbing, car mechanics, farming and logging. I certainly understand the desire to do everything yourself. At this point, you’re probably thinking, “Here […]

Bankruptcy Definitions and Lingo

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Lawyers and the courts use a lot of legalese, confusing words, and lingo during the bankruptcy process. The following is a brief definition of some of the words we use during a bankruptcy. Debtor The “Debtor” this is the person or company who owes money, can’t afford to pay his/her debts, and who files bankruptcy. Creditor […]

What is the difference between chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy?

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Chapter 7 is the traditional bankruptcy everyone thinks about. Chapter 7 eliminates – discharges – all of your unsecured debts. By unsecured debts, we mean credit cards, medical bills, deficiencies – amounts remaining due – on vehicles that have already been repossessed, etc. Secured debts include vehicle loans and home loans – or any other […]

the information gathering/document preparation stage (Part 2)

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Bankruptcy lawyers often use paralegals in the information gathering/document preparation stage.  This is because it is a time consuming and often, repetitive process that requires little legal analysis. I’ve combined the information gathering/document preparation stages into one because the data is generally entered as it is gathered.  It is normal to be given a worksheet […]

What to Expect from your Lawyer During the Bankruptcy Process? (Part 1)

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Every bankruptcy lawyer has a different process when it comes to how they practice.  However, there are general steps that you should expect to experience while going through the bankruptcy process.  These steps are the introduction, the information gathering/document preparation stage, the document review stage, the filing time, the filing day, the 341 hearing and, […]